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The book that meant most to me this year was Sarah Tripp’s GUITAR! (Book Works)… It is a quiet manifesto for wonderment, for generosity, for cultivating a responsiveness to whatever comes. It arrived at exactly the moment I needed it.’ – Kate Briggs, White Review Books of The Year (2020)

The Readers Club celebrates the vital role our community of readers has in our mission to support experimental publishing and cultivate an engaged readership for ambitious and innovative new work by emerging artists.

If you are a regular reader of Book Works books, or new to us and want to build a library of artists books or keep up to date with all our projects join our Readers Club and receive a copy of each new publication as soon as it is released and discounts on all additional book purchases.

As a member of our Readers Club:

– You will receive a copy of all new books published during the subscription year in the post as soon as they are released. (We publish 8-10 books annually, the subscription offers over 50% discount)

– You will receive a 10% discount code to use throughout the year on all additional book purchases through our website.

The forthcoming programme includes the following artists and writers:

Phyllis Christopher, Jesse Darling, Diane Georgiou, Huw Lemmey, Harun Morrison, Sofia Niazi, Francesco Pedraglio, Prem Sahib, Derica Shields, Lucy Skaer, Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Isabel Waidner and more.

Books are zero-rated for VAT in the UK. Postage for all Readers Club Members is free, but international deliveries are subject to local customs import and tax charges which are the responsibility of the customer.

Gift Membership:

Give a 1 year membership to our Readers Club as a gift by simply entering the recipient’s details in the shipping address field at the checkout and we’ll send each new book published within the subscription year straight to their address. Please provide your email address for confirmation of the membership. Contact with any questions.

Follow the checkout options above to select a monthly or single annual payment.

Readers club | ISBN: Readers Club | Price: £5.00

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