Paul Etienne Lincoln

The World and its Inhabitants

Paul Etienne Lincoln (1997)


The World and Its Inhabitants is an impressive publication by Paul Lincoln, an English artist living in New York. It consists of a flip-top cardboard case containing twenty-four cards each showing an ‘inhabitant’ of a microscopic, idealised ‘world’.

The inhabitants are chosen from different historical periods and depict ideas as well as people. Paul Lincoln has invented twenty-four small, animated structures to represent each character; these are pictured with a detailed description on the reverse. An illuminating biography of the character or idea completes the picture. The case also contains a booklet which describes the first performance of The World and Its Inhabitants with drawings and photographs relating to the project.

The World and its Inhabitants | Lincoln, Paul Etienne; | Commission: Format | ISBN: 978 1 870699 26 6 | Price: £15.00 | Classifications: Document; Realised; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 24 duotone cards and a 24 page booklet | Edition: 1,000 copies | Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 20 mm | Designers: Herman Lelie; Paul Etienne Lincoln; | Printer: Printed in Italy